UHF long Range Reader & access control manufacturer, we are determined to provide the superior quality, price economy, reliable products to meet market demands. From basic access controller to biometric time attendance unit to turnstiles, we have the standard and universally adopted solutions for our esteemed clients and end users. Units with PoE network ports, high quality tripod turnstiles made of SUS 316 quality steel, face recognition devices with massive face library and storage, we provide comprehensive product lines. Our UHF long range readers are IP66/67 rated and FCC certified.



Access control supplier you can trust. We offer customized solutions for software requirements. Out in-house team is well dedicated to offer comprehensive solutions in terms of software and mobile applications. Our enterprise to small Business solutions are technically designed to meet your basic needs, and for specific projects we do provide the SDK if required to offer level of freedom to clients and system interrogators. The basic time & attendance software, access control software with e-map and video integration facilities are provided in basic level softwares.



Categorically, the system integration is divided in terms of Hardware integration and software integration, Our majority of electronics hardware is provided with built-in ports like Wiegand 26, 32 so can be easily integrated with any open platform and third party controllers and devices, apart from integration the ONVIF certification permits video integration and making all devices to operate from single platform as central monitoring software space. The availability of TCP/IP ports makes our devices well applicable for any network environment hence inter-operable,including UHF long Range Reader



  • Made in Taiwan unless specified
  • 03/ 05 Years warranty
  • Manufactured at ISO certified plant
  • International dealer network
  • Environmental friendly material
  • Decades of manufacturing experience
  • Free project design

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