LED lights source

Anti-glare light generation LED sources, strongly for night vision are strong with IR range unto 1500 cm (1.5M at 0 lux)

Dual Cameras

High definition Dual cameras 2.1 MP incorporated for the correct grasp and recognition of the picture nearby.

TFT LCD Monitor

5" TFT LCD Monitor for providing correct guidance for recognition purpose

Proximity card reader

The antenna fixed inside this region allows to read proximity card. EM, Mifare, etc. Choose the option at time of purchase

Security levels

The device is provided with multiple security levels for operations as well as use. The user can register three finger prints.

User & database records

The device has capacity of storing 5000 face records and 70000 related records. Once connected to PC the records are unlimited


The device supports TCP/IP network protocol apart from serial ports RS232/RS485 and USB mode.


Operation Temperature-10°C-50°C, Relative Humidity of 10%-90%, Ingress Protection Rating IP 67


Algorithm Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning
CPU Processor Dual Core Processor, Main frequency 1 GHz
Memory DDR 512M
Flash 8G
Camera Pixels Sensor Focal length Aperture WDR Viewing angle
Visible 2MP 1/2.7" 4 mm F 2.4 110dB 90
Infra Red 2MP 1/5" 4 mm F 2.5 105dB 88
Screen Type LCD
Resolution 1280 x 800
Size 5 inch
Records Users 5000
Events 100000
Card format Mifare/ EM
Faces 5000
Integration Input Wiegand 26/34  x 1, Reader module built-in x 1 , Exit button x 1, Door alarm magnet x 1, Alarm interface relay input x 1
Output 2 x Relay output interface, 1 x Weigand
Communication TCP/ IP
Material Casing ABS / PC
Rear Aluminum alloy, Galvanized sheet
Dimensions 238 x 104 x 26 mm / 217 x 95 x 32
Installation Wall mount
Outdoor rating IP 64
Power Voltage DC 12 V ± 5%
Current > 3A
Environment Temperature -40°C ~ 65°C
Humidity 10 ~ 90%


Specifications Specification sheet for biometric device SIGAN SM 55FB
User manuals User manual for biometric device SIGAN SM 55FB
Software's Application software for biometric device SIGAN SM 55FB
SDK Biometric device SIGAN SM 55FB SDK english
Utility Biometric device SIGAN SM 55FB
Remarks Latest engineering notice for biometric device SIGAN SM 55FB


EM Cards SM EM10. SM EM 58, SM 72, SM EM 190
Mifare cards SM MF 12, SM MF22, SM MF 54, SM MF 67
SMPS Switch mode power supply SMPS 12V/1.5A
Network Cable 100M Network Cable CAT 6E
Remarks 10 Proximity cards are free with each device


European Union CE
United States  of America FCC
Environment RoHS